Arshad Kamal Siddiqui

What Is Technology?

It is everything that we can use to better ourselves. The ability to connect with people instantly, to improve the lives of those with disabilities, to automate processes, and to discover new ways of doing old things. It is the project of our innovation, and changes depending upon the era.

What we currently think of as technology would be science fiction in the past, and what we think of as merely useful tools would be seen as amazing technology going back in history.

In summation, it is everything that humans have created and will continue to create to make advancements for the species as a whole.

Who I am?

Hi, I am Arshad Kamal Siddiqui, 25-year-old Full Stack Web Devloper currently working at GadgetRaja. I am one who enjoys bargain hunting, chess and going to the movies. I think I am a smart man with considerate attitude, but can also be very sneaky and a bit lazy.

I am a proud Nepali Muslim and I love my country. I have a degree in CSE and I definately obsessed with Star Wars.

I grew up in a working class neighbourhood. I am currently in a relationship with Isabel Lorraine Bryant. Isabel is 2 years younger than me and works as a lawyer.

My best friend is a trainee doctor called Maisie Singh and we both are inseparable. We always hangs around with Connor King and Brooke Cook.